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Recent Job Update for China

China Job - View New jobs for free update on<2017-07-27>
Kindergarten Teachers needed throughout China. Visit for more info
1.Looking for a Foreign English Teacher in Kunshan City

2.Looking For Kindergarten Foreign Teachers in Haerbin

3.Business/Economics/Management/Finance Lecturer

4.Academic Admin Work in Shanghai

5.Senior Trainer Expat Jobs in China

6.Biochemistry Teacher

7.ESL Teacher Foreigner English Teacher

8.Western Chef/Western Food Teacher

9.Foreign Teacher Assistant in XiaMen

10.ESL English Teacher Native speaker

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Senior English teacher in china

Job Description
1.Check the library reservation list, plan for the day, and log students on the arrival sheet

2.Charge iPads and check connectivity to internet source and printers

3.Keep the display areas tidy and organized and guide the students to do the same

4.Greet students and help them to select reading material at their level

5.Enforce a “culture of English” in the library and other √©lan expectations

6.Assist students in following the library flow while fostering independence

7.Interview students by discussing literary devices and encouraging critical and creative thinking

1.English Native speaker: UK, USA, AUST, Canada, New Zealand, South Africa, Ireland (with no strong local accent)

2.Internationally recognized teaching certificate such as TEFL/TESL/TESOL/CELTA

3.Bachelor's degree or above

4.Teaching experience is a valuable asset

5.1-2 years teaching experience

1.Salary :Negotiable

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