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Jobs for Black People in China

Where we love is home- home that our feet may leave, but not our hearts. The feeling of leaving home can barely be held in place by these few words, but they do justify the emotion. To leave a place that you have known, loved and where you have made your most painful and precious moments is barely anything to be overlooked. It's an act of independence, faith in a better tomorrow, but most importantly strength. Needless to say, when I left my own home, I felt anything but strong. I had no idea what to expect in the Asian country that was to be my home, and that excited me! But I also knew everything I was leaving behind, and that is what scared me to death. My family, my friends, my home, the little things in my room, the big things in my life, everything, everyone. The time had come when I had to wean myself of the familiarity and comfort of being at home, to the strange, cold world outside. It was a relatively tearless goodbye until my mother held on to me and I nearly broke dow…